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What’s Important to Older People Nowadays?

What do people want out of retirement?

We have a new infographic in celebration of World Health Day that looks into what is important to people as they get older.

In order to understand more about what drives older people in the UK, Barchester has launched a visual representation of people’s priorities as they age. It is based on a number of different surveys.

At Barchester we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get the most out of their lives and to pursue those things that make them feel happy and fulfilled.

You can see from the infographic that hobbies such as travel, holidays, physical activities and volunteering are important parts of individuals’ plans for their older years.

Why not look at the infographic to find out what weighting people give to particular pursuits?

The UK’s older population is growing

It is more important than ever to ensure that older people are active, engaged and happy, as the population continues to age.

One-third of the UK population is now over 50, accounting for 22 million people, and there are more than 1.4 million over-85s, with these figures growing.

How important is staying active?

Staying active is not just good for happiness, it also offers a range of health benefits, with indoor and outdoor activities of all kinds providing entertainment, occupation and opportunities to socialise.

Almost everyone in the UK does at least one activity to maintain long-term health.

More than two-thirds of people with aspirations for later in life want to get involved in physical activities, such as walking, dancing or cycling in their older years.

The British Heart Foundation stresses the need to take exercise regularly and provides a series of tips for those looking to be more active.

Why not follow their suggestions and try to be active every day by setting realistic goals, looking for ways to keep moving, ensuring activities are fun, involving friends and family, setting reminders and rewarding yourself for achieving your aims?

But, ultimately, age is just a number

Ultimately, your age means less and less as you get older, with 61 per cent of over-60s saying it is not important and 62 per cent claiming to feel younger than they are.


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