Barchester raises over £30K for Lifeline fund

Barchester is pleased to share that it has raised over £30,000 for the Lifeline fund through an ongoing partnership with water cooler supplier, Cooleraid.

Cooleraid supply Barchester homes with water cooler systems to provide fresh, filtered, healthy drinking water to care home residents. The organisation not only donates 10% of all water cooler rental revenue to the Lifeline fund but also 35p from every bottle of water they sell.

The Lifeline fund is a charity that focuses on bringing relief to orphaned children and communities suffering from poverty in Malawi.  The Lifeline fund currently has 13 support centres throughout Malawi which brings relief to infants who have lost their parents and are in need of support.

The fund also helps to educate children in Malawi, schools have been built in areas such as Namarita where no educational facilities previously existed. Now, 500 pupils benefit from these facilities! Not only does the Lifeline fund help young children but it also helps youths who want to study various trades with their scholarship scheme. The fund has bought new hope for these young adults and a brighter future for not only themselves, but their families too.

The Lifeline Fund is also dedicated to helping the elderly, with projects that support them to grow and harvest their own crops as a means to get by and generate an income.

Barchester are proud to not only support the health of individuals living in Barchester homes but also to contribute to such a worthwhile and vital cause.

You can find out more about the Lifeline Fund here