Musical instrument 'could delay Alzheimer's'

Musical instrument 'could delay Alzheimer's'

The designer of a new musical instrument has claimed that playing the device could lead to dementia being delayed in older adults.

Greg Woods, the director of music at Therapeia (Cornwall) CIC, designed the Sing Along Machine (SAM) for use with older adults.

Speaking to the West Briton, he explained how the brain "lights up like a Christmas tree" when people sing or when they play an instrument.

SAM has already been tried out in a number of local residential homes and Mr Woods claimed he has got a lot of good feedback about the machine.

"It is also my intention to recycle much of the profit back into dementia care, firstly here in Cornwall, then as far afield as possible," said Mr Woods, who is now looking for people to invest in the product.

A recent study involving Dr Eric Reiman found some early signs of Alzheimer's disease can be detected decades before any symptoms of the condition begin to appear.

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