Gentle exercise and oily fish 'aid osteoarthritis patients'

Gentle exercise and oily fish 'aid osteoarthritis patients'

Osteoarthritis patients, who are likely to be using assisted living, could benefit from gentle exercise and a diet rich in omega 3.

This is the view of Lynda Scott-Williams, chief executive of The Arthritic Association, who notes that while advising osteoarthritis patients to exercise may sound "counterintuitive", movement is needed to enable to flow of natural lubricants around the body.

Swimming and walking are optimum exercises for those with arthritis, she stated.

Furthermore, T'ai chi and pilates strengthen muscles in order to take strain off joints.

Ms Scott-Williams added that people with arthritis should achieve high Omega 3 levels through eating foods such as oily fish rather than supplements.

"We believe the body uses vitamins and minerals better this more natural way. Portion control is also important, since extra weight puts additional pressure on joints," she explained.

In other news, chief executive of Arthritis Care Neil Betteridge said that obesity is a major risk factor for osteoarthritis, meaning that it is not just older people who may develop the condition.

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