Exercise 'improves arthritis and memory'

Exercise 'improves arthritis and memory'

Home care users with arthritis are likely to benefit from undertaking gentle exercise.

According to Alison Wyndham, physiotherapist and founder of the Wyndham Centres, exercise keeps the joints moving and strengthens the muscles, improving quality of life for those with arthritis.

Ms Wyndham continued that there is evidence to show that exercise helps memory in older people, adding that the endorphins produced will leave them with a general "well-being feeling".

Walking is the best exercise for older people, according to the expert.

"If you have shoulder problems, you can bring in gentle neck and shoulder exercises and go through the motions of each movement. The more exercise you have in a gentle way, the better," she explained.

Meanwhile, a study published online in journal Neurology has revealed that keeping fit may cut stroke risk in older people.

Exercising by playing squash, jogging or swimming reduced the incidence of 'silent strokes' by 40 per cent, according to scientists.

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