Exercise and Vitamin D 'reduce falls'

Exercise and Vitamin D 'reduce falls'

Exercise and Vitamin D could reduce the incidence of falls in older people, according to research.

The US Preventive Services Task Force looked at findings from 54 studies to find out which are the most beneficial ways to prevent falls.

Exercise or physical therapy can reduce falls by 13 per cent, according to the research, published in annals of Internal Medicine.

Taking a Vitamin D supplement was also associated with a 17 per cent reduced risk of falls.

Additionally, taking measures such as removing objects that could lead to falls from homes also helped, as did behavioural counselling, which was designed to convey the risks and possible consequences of falls.

Meanwhile, Dave Mortimer of Age UK is urging older people to embrace the internet like 103-year-old Lillian Lowe who is thought to now be the oldest person on Facebook.

Mr Mortimer said that the six million over-65s who are still not online should take advantage of the internet for themselves.

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