Check a loved-one's home for signs of dementia

Check a loved-one's home for signs of dementia

People who are worried that a loved one could be experiencing dementia should check their home, according to one industry expert.

Ian Weatherhead, lead nurse for Admiral Nursing Direct, explained that a person's property can have "key identifiers" that indicate someone may have dementia.

"Have a look in the kitchen and in the cupboards to see what kind of food the person is buying," he advised, as having out of date, mouldy or no food can be sign that something is wrong.

A messy house and poor personal hygiene from a person who is normally clean can also be a cause for concern.

Ask neighbours and friends if they have noticed a change as well, he added. If a person is becoming withdrawn this can be sign that they have dementia.

All this information can help doctors create a diagnostic picture of a person's mental health and get to the bottom of these symptoms.

There are currently 750,000 people with dementia in the UK and with an ageing population the condition has become a ticking time-bomb for health services.

The proportion of people with dementia doubles for every five-year age group and it is expected over a million people will have the illness by 2021.

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