Adlington Manor

Nordoff Robbins music therapist Richard Sanderson has worked at Adlington Manor since 2005. The home provides expert nursing care for older people as well as specialised dementia care in its Memory Lane Community. Music therapy, which is provided in both one-to-one and open group settings, fits the home’s ethos like a glove, promoting self-esteem, encouraging independence and celebrating life.

Music has the power to overcome confusion and anxiety and take people to ‘another place’ where they can regain orientation, connect with other people and become reconnected to their own past positive emotional experiences. Seeing the positive changes is a continual inspiration to me.”  Richard Sanderson, Music Therapist

Music has become a real key to the well-being of all the people we support at Adlington Manor. It has the unique ability to allow the expression of feeling and thought without the use of language in some cases. Richard Sanderson’s inspirational therapy has been an invaluable tool for rehabilitation and improving quality of life. To share the collective joy with the whole community continues to be both a privilege and an honour.”  Mark McDonald, Manager of Adlington Manor Care Home

"Mother was in the care of Barchester for three years, suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s disease for all of this time. Her condition was compounded with blindness, so her opportunities for sensory pleasure or satisfaction were severely limited. One of her former life pleasures was music and through his outstanding deep understanding and patience, Richard became the focus of any semblance of obvious pleasure she could enjoy through the darkness of her condition. The family and the other dedicated staff had occasion small glimpses of her previous love of life, but it was Richard's unique talents through his use of music that became her one real remaining obvious joy throughout her deteriorating condition. The family is hugely appreciative of the impact that Richard (and Nordoff Robbins) had on mother's final years - we feel he is blessed with a special talent - thank you Richard.”  The daughter of an Adlington Manor Resident