Barchester Care Awards 2018 Divisional Winners

After receiving 1,505 nominations from our homes and hospitals across the UK, Divisional Winners for each of our 13 care awards categories have been decided. A full list of winners can be found below. Many congratulations to all of our Divisional Winners!

The divisional winners for each category are as follows:

Carer of the Year

Registered Nurse of the Year

Apprentice / Learner of the Year

Memory Lane Champion

Activities Coordinator of the Year

Hospitality Champion

Team of the Year

Maintenance Champion

Home Administration Champion

Community Engagement Award

Volunteer of the Year

Care Practitioner of the Year

Lifetime Achievement Award

General Manager / Hospital Director of the Year

Barchester's Charitable Foundation Champion

  • Ben Rogers from Ashfields
  • Susan Dickinson
  • Violet Kotu
  • Jodie Ramcharitar
  • Natasha Lazovic
  • Tracy Johnston
  • Jack Titterton
  • Kerry Angeloni