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Barchester Care Awards 2018 Categories

The Barchester Care Awards recognises the outstanding staff and volunteers who are committed to the delivery of high-quality services and personalised-care across our homes and hospitals.

The 13 categories have been created to reflect excellence in a whole variety of roles across the company, ranging from ‘Volunteer of the Year’ and ‘Registered Nurse of the Year’, to ‘Maintenance Champion’ and ‘Hospitality Champion’. In 2018 we are also launching a brand new category ‘Community Engagement Award’.

This year’s national winners of the Barchester Care Awards will be announced at an awards luncheon at the Midland Hotel in Manchester on Thursday 11th October.

The categories at this year's Care Awards are:

1. Carer of the Year

This award recognises the vital role of the Care Assistant in providing quality care to the people we support and their role in supporting the nursing team. The winner will demonstrate exceptional dedication and commitment to enriching and enhancing the lives of residents/patients. 

2. Registered Nurse of the Year

We will present this award to a Registered Nurse who has made a significant contribution to improving the quality of nursing care in their home/hospital. Either in their clinical contribution, innovation and/or their clinical leadership skills. The winner will also have demonstrated a commitment to continual clinical improvements in the home/hospital. 

3. Apprentice/Learner of the Year

This award is for a Barchester apprentice or member of staff who has developed their skills through the Learning and Development function. They should be able to demonstrate how their training has helped them to provide better care, and show how it has contributed to their career development. The nomination must include specific examples.

4. Memory Lane Champion

This award will be given to an individual who has championed the person-centred philosophy for those living with dementia. The winner will able to provide examples of how they have gone the extra mile to make a real difference to the lives of resident’s living with dementia in our homes or hospitals.

5. Activities Coordinator of the Year

We will present this award in recognition of the vital role of the Activities Coordinator in organising relevant and engaging lifestyle opportunities for residents and patients. The individual will have evidence of a wide range of activities that interest and stimulate the physical and mental well-being of residents or patients and allow them to live life to the full and make every day count.

6. Hospitality Champion

This award recognises the commitment of staff in providing hospitality support to residents and patients. The winner will have demonstrated a high level of dedication, and will go the extra mile to provide the best quality of person-centred service for residents / patients. In addition, the individual will have evidence of great team-work in making the home, hospital or complex care service an enjoyable place to be.

7. Team of the Year

Teamwork is key to how we work at Barchester. By working as a team with our colleagues on shift, in the wider home, with support teams or with external partners we can make a positive impact on the care given to our residents, patients and relatives. The Team of the Year has gone above and beyond this minimum expectation of working as a team to provide excellent care and customer experience.

8. Maintenance Champion

The award recognises a maintenance team member who has demonstrated excellence and diligence within their discipline. Candidates will have shown a constructive and professional approach to their work, which will have positively influenced not just our residents, but relatives, staff colleagues, and others, in carrying out their role responsibilities. Evidence of excellent maintenance standards, in terms of general site management, building and grounds standards, statutory documentation and a safe environment will be paramount, as will the ability to go beyond the norm of expectation to show practical and material achievements in the home.

9. Home Administration Champion

The individual will be able to evidence how they have carried out the daily tasks of their role to a high standard and how their contribution has had a positive impact on both the residents and staff within their home / hospital. The winner will also have demonstrated an ability to provide a high level of support to families, residents/patients and their colleagues. 

10. Community Engagement Award 

This award recognises the contribution made by an individual to establish their home/ hospital as part of the local community and create strong links with local community groups. This will include bringing the community into the home, and enabling residents to attend events within the local community.

11. Barchester's Charitable Foundation Champion

This award recognises a Barchester employee who has demonstrated outstanding support for the Foundation and its work within the community. The individual will either have supported an application on behalf of someone in their local community or led fundraising and promotion on behalf of the Foundation.

12. Volunteer of the Year

This award will be presented to an individual who shows real passion and dedication by freely giving time and energy at one of our homes, hospitals or complex care services. The winner will be someone who has a positive impact on the lives of the people we care for while providing support to the team in making the home, hospital or complex care service a happy and fun place to live.

13. Care Practitioner of the Year

This award recognises the outstanding contribution to the clinical team in the home. The winner will be able to demonstrate how the Care Practitioner role has enhanced the care delivery for their residents and has supported and developed carers within the home.

Nominations for this year are now closed.