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Barchester Care Awards 2017

The Barchester Care Awards celebrate excellence in the quality of care we provide by recognising those individuals that go the extra mile to make a difference to the lives of those we support.

The 13 categories have been created to reflect outstanding contribution in a whole variety of roles across the company, ranging from ‘Registered Nurse of the Year’ and ‘Maintenance Champion’ to ‘Chef of the Year’ and 'Volunteer of the Year'.

Nominations are now closed.

Divisional winners have now been announced and they can be found here. This year’s national winners of the Barchester Care Awards will be announced at an awards luncheon at the Midlands Hotel in Manchester on 18th October 2017.

The categories at this year's Care Awards are:

1. Carer of the Year

This award recognises the vital role of the Care Assistant in providing quality care to the people we support. The winner will show evidence of dedication and a commitment to understanding what is important to residents or patients. Career progress through training will all be taken into account by judges.

2. Registered Nurse of the Year

We will present this award to a Registered Nurse who has made a difference to the quality of life for those in their care. In addition to clinical and managerial qualities, the winner will have demonstrated a high level of dedication to, and advocacy for, the people they care for.

3. Apprentice/Learner of the Year

This award is for a Barchester apprentice or member of staff who has developed their skills through the Learning and Development function. They should be able to demonstrate how their training has helped them to provide better care, and show how it has contributed to their career development. The nomination must include specific examples.

4. Memory Lane Champion

This award will be given to an individual who has championed the person-centred philosophy for those living with dementia. The winner will able to provide examples of how they have gone the extra mile to make a real difference to the lives of resident’s living with dementia in our homes or hospitals.

5. Activities Coordinator of the Year

We will present this award in recognition of the vital role of the Activities Coordinator in organising relevant and engaging lifestyle opportunities for residents and patients. The individual will have evidence of a wide range of activities that interest and stimulate the physical and mental well-being of residents or patients.

6. Hospitality Champion

This award recognises the commitment of all hospitality staff in providing support to residents and patients. The winner will have demonstrated a high level of dedication and innovation coupled with a person-centred approach to providing the best quality of service and environment for residents and patients. In addition, the person will have evidence of great team-work in making the home, hospital or complex care service an enjoyable place to be.

7. Team of the Year

This award celebrates the outstanding contribution made by a team at a home, hospital or complex care service. Nominated teams will have made a positive contribution through the development of a project or projects which improved the quality of life of our residents and patients. The team can include one or more members of a divisional support or central support team.

8. Maintenance Champion

The award recognises a maintenance team member who has demonstrated excellence in their field. Candidates will come from a site that is consistently presented and maintained to an exemplary standard and where excellent maintenance documentation is in place. Evidence of practical skills and leadership to benefit those living at the site will be sought alongside a contribution to the Green leaf programme to deliver energy efficiency and high environmental standards.

9. Home Administration Champion

The Home Administration award recognises those administrative staff, including Home Service Advisers, who provide outstanding dedication to their teams. The winner will have demonstrated an ability to provide a high level of support to families, residents, patients and their colleagues through their everyday tasks, alongside their commitment to development and an attitude to go the extra mile.

10. Chef of the Year

The winner of this award will demonstrate consistently high food standards including the quality and source of regular meals, an involvement with the people being cared for as well as high satisfaction and hospitality audit scores. They will create a positive atmosphere at mealtimes as well as placing importance on food as part of regular events and activities. Each of the divisional winners in this category will be asked to compete in the 2017 chef competition.

11. Barchester's Charitable Foundation Champion

This award recognises a Barchester employee or resident who has demonstrated outstanding support for the Foundation and its work within the community. The individual will either have supported an application on behalf of someone in their local community or led fundraising and promotion on behalf of the Foundation.

12. Volunteer of the Year

This award will be presented to an individual who shows real passion and dedication by freely giving time and energy at one of our homes, hospitals or complex care services. The winner will be someone who has a positive impact on the lives of the people we care for while providing support to the team in making the environment a happy and fun place to live.

13. Care Practitioner of the Year

This award recognises the hard work and commitment our Care Practitioners have made. The winner will be able to demonstrate how their role has increased the quality of care for their residents or patients. They will be able to show how they have integrated with the nursing team and how they have developed and supported junior members of the staff within the home or hospital.