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Care Practitioner of the Year

Sarah Steer
Care Practitioner of the Year

Sarah Steer from Stamford Bridge Beaumont Care Home has been awarded 'Care Practitioner of the Year' at the Barchester Care Awards 2017.

The award recognises the hard work and commitment our Care Practitioners have made, and the judges were looking for someone who was able to demonstrate how their role has increased the quality of care for their residents or patients. They were also looking for the winner to be able to show how they have integrated with the nursing team and how they have developed and supported junior members of the staff within the home or hospital and Sarah certainly did that!

Sarah is a caring, spirited woman who started her career with Barchester 5 years ago and joined up with the Care Practitioner course as soon as it started up. She has a really great attitude towards her work and also towards training.

Congratulations Sarah!

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