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Younger age groups 'can suffer dementia too'

Younger age groups 'can suffer dementia too'
23rd July 2008

Dementia is a condition which not only affects the elderly but also younger age groups, a campaigner has said.

Heather Roberts, a former computer lecturer who was diagnosed with dementia at 50, is seeking to promote the rights of younger patients, says Derby's Evening Telegraph newspaper.

She believes there should be more services for dementia sufferers aged under 65, because the Hardy Group run by the Alzheimer's Society is currently the only one available, the paper reports.

Ms Roberts told the Evening Telegraph that it makes a significant difference to patients if they are able to meet others in a similar position.

She added: "There is nothing provided by the NHS and that needs to change.

"People need to realise the under-65s can suffer from dementia too - I've heard cases of people as young as 24 being diagnosed."

Barchester's Threshfield Court care home was recently in the news when its deputy manager and dementia nurse Liz Bedford told the Guardian of her team's achievement in creating a specialist hub for dementia patients.

She told the paper it provides a "stimulating and home-like" environment for residents.

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