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Young stroke victims 'not accepted by society'

15th February 2007

Stroke can affect anyone of any age, but according to the Stroke Association, society is less willing to help young victims deal with their difficulty.

Nine out of ten stroke victims are over 55, with the incidence caused by factors including inactivity, smoking, alcohol and bad diet.

Andrea Lane, a spokeswoman for the Stroke Association, said: "Quite often in young people we are not looking out for the signs and if they suffer a stroke they find it difficult to get back into the workplace."

She added: "Stroke can happen to anyone at any time anywhere. One of the most common misconceptions is that stroke only affects old people or ill people, whereas in fact it doesn't, it could happen to any of us, no matter what the age.

"It is not always clear why and who is susceptible to stroke, but we do know that high blood pressure is a common factor, but that is not the only reason."

Official figures show that of the 130,000 people in England and Wales who have a stroke every year, around 10,000 are under retirement age.