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Young breast cancer patients 'experience more anxiety'

Young breast cancer patients 'experience more anxiety'
24th January 2012

Women diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age suffer from more adverse affects than those aged over 50.

In a study by researchers at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, it was found that younger women are more likely to suffer from severe psychological distress, infertility and premature menopause.

They also experience a greater decrease in physical activity and increased weight gain compared to women of the same age without cancer and those aged over 50 had been diagnosed with the disease.

"A cancer diagnosis can challenge younger women with issues that don't impact older patients," said study lead author Dr Patricia Ganz, director of cancer prevention and control research at the centre.

Younger women may be concerned about being with their children into adulthood or infertility following treatment in ways those aged over 50 will not.

More must be done to address these causes of anxiety, Dr Ganz added.

Moffitt Cancer Centre researchers recently found a non-invasive way to identify lymph node metastasis, negating the need for a biopsy.

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