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Wrestling legend suffers three strokes

Wrestling legend suffers three strokes
19th June 2009

A legendary wrestler in the US has withdrawn himself from the public eye after a series of three strokes, despite a usually exemplary medical background.

Gerald Brisco, who rose to fame over 30 years ago with the World Wrestling Federation - now known as the WWE after a legal dispute with the World Wildlife Fund - announced the news to friend and commentator with the franchise, Jim Ross.

Luckily, the ringside speaker said that both he and Gerald are confident that he will make a full recovery due to his consistent background in athletics, which makes him more physically able to cope with the issue despite being 62.

Jim Ross added that he has "never been a smoker, isn't overweight, is in excellent physical shape for a man a little north of 60 who was still working out on the mat with his amateur wrestling team at a high school in Tampa where he volunteers".

In 2008 alone, the WWE made $526.5 million (£320.2 million).

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