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Would you benefit from a menopause map?

Would you benefit from a menopause map?
2nd May 2012

Going through the menopause can be a difficult time and when trying to find out what to expect you could find yourself hitting a brick wall.

People have different experiences of the menopause and choose different treatment options to relieve symptoms, meaning women are often unable to get definitive answers to their questions.

However, it is hoped that the first ever menopause map will act as an interactive guide for women to help them understand the process

The Endocrine Society and its Hormone Health Network released the tool to inform females of their treatment options during menopause and to help them decide whether hormone therapy is right for them.

Researchers developed the tool following a survey that revealed most women are concerned about the effects of hormone therapy and whether or not it is something they should be looking into.

It is hoped that the menopause map will "jumpstart" conversations between patients and doctors about what will happen and what medications and therapies are available as women approach menopause.

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