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Would you be tempted by dental implants?

Would you be tempted by dental implants?
3rd May 2012

As you get older, looking good is still important and having a pearly set of teeth is key to this.

Yet many people find they lose teeth throughout their life, as the result of decay or even an accident.

Consequently, many are considering dental implants as they reach their golden years to replace missing teeth, according to one expert.

Stephen Handisides, from the health and beauty website, stated:  "Older adults are becoming very interested in dental implants. These are essentially an exact replica of a natural tooth, replacing the crown and root, with a porcelain exterior and metal core."

Consequently, patients are left with a natural looking, secure new tooth to fill in any gaps that may have occurred over time for one reason or another.

Getting teeth whitened is also becoming a popular activity in the UK, for people wanting that Hollywood smile.

However, regular brushing and flossing, complemented by a low sugar diet and still among the best ways to promote tooth health.

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