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Workplace mental health stigma 'is reducing'

Workplace mental health stigma 'is reducing'
8th October 2012

Some 28 per cent of UK employees feel there is less stigma associated with mental health in their place of work than there was 12 months ago.

The study has been released ahead of World Mental Health Day, which takes place on October 10th.

Of those who thought the shame associated with such illnesses has dropped, 48 per cent put this down to a better understanding of mental health developing amongst peers and colleagues.

Almost one-third of men and women reported dealing with depression, stress or anxiety, while 55 per cent of respondents think a physical illness will always have less stigma than a mental one.

Dr Doug Wright, medical director for Aviva UK Health, said: "As very few employees say they would confide in their employer about a mental health condition, it's important that managers are able to spot the signs."

According to Simon Lawton Smith, head of policy at the Mental Health Foundation, mental health problems now cost employers over £26 billion a year.

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