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Women worse affected by melanoma diagnosis, study shows

Women worse affected by melanoma diagnosis, study shows
23rd February 2011

Women are more likely to experience a deterioration in their quality of life following diagnosis of skin cancer melanoma, according to new research.

Negative health-related issues are more common in women up to ten years following diagnosis of a melanoma, compared to men, the research published in the JAMA/Archives journals.

This may support the case for women receiving additional care following a diagnosis, according to the authors.

However, they also note that women are more likely to report higher levels of positive impacts following the discovery of melanoma.

They added: "Women seemed to adjust their sun behavior more often (54 percent vs. 67 percent) than men and were more worried about the deleterious effects of UV radiation (45 percent vs. 66 percent)."

Earlier this month, the British Skin Foundation warned that many Brits are not putting on enough suncream, despite being aware of the dangers posed by exposure, such as skin cancer.

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