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Women 'more likely to feel arthritis pain' than men

Women 'more likely to feel arthritis pain' than men
15th January 2009

Women are likely to feel more pain from arthritis than their male counterparts, according to new research presented by a Scandinavian institution.

The rheumatology department of Jyvaskyla Central Hospital in Finland found that although both genders may have the same level of the disease, male joints are more capable of dealing with it due to the increased natural body strength.

Dr Tuulikki Sokka, a consultant working on the study, analysed data from 6,000 patients in 70 clinics over 25 countries.

She said the findings were more obvious in older women, "who are losing their muscle mass little by little every year".

Dr Sokka added: "They have the same level of disease as men but give up everyday tasks to their husbands or sons or someone who is stronger."

Arthritis Care, the leading charity in the UK dedicated to the condition, highlights how nine million people in the UK suffer from the condition.

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