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Woman weds at care home

Woman weds at care home
21st August 2014

A Michigan woman moved the location of her wedding to her father's care home to accommodate his Alzheimer's disease symptoms. 

Having originally planned to marry in church, the bride-to-be couldn't bear to have her dad miss the ceremony, so the wedding was moved to the grounds of the home. 

Miriam Davis wanted her father present on her big day and to walk her down the aisle, but due to him having advanced-stage Alzheimers, it was feared he may not have been able to cope independently. 

She was apprehensive that Bernard Reeves might have got lost if the wedding would have taken place away from his care home.

Ms Davis said: "I knew that if (my dad) had been well, he would have been there, so why not move it there and it be more of a special event?" 

The nursing home was very enthusiastic and accommodating towards the event. 

Marie Reeves, Mr Reeves' wife, said even though her husband may not have understood everything going on, his presence on the day, meant a lot to her and the family.  

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