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Woman at risk of infection from urinary blockages

Woman at risk of infection from urinary blockages
27th September 2012

Although urinary blockages through conditions like kidney stones can be more serious for men, woman are more likely to develop an infection as a result of the problem, according to a new study.

Researchers have observed that obstructions of the urinary tract pose twice the risk of infection for females.

It was also noted that there were significantly higher rates of complications following two urgent treatments for the effects of urolithiasis. However, they stress that this is based on preliminary findings and more research is needed.

Furthermore, the number of woman experiencing infection is on the rise, but mortality rates are dropping.

According to Dr Jesse Sammon, lead author on the study, there has been a "broad improvement in the management of sepsis and the critically ill" over the last couple of years.

Nevertheless, Dr Sammon and his team maintain there must be further investigation to better understand why women are prone to infection and to prevent it.

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