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Woman fights against debilitating disease

Woman fights against debilitating disease
17th December 2008

A retiree from Exeter who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND) after seeing her doctor for a minor ailment has refused to let the condition get the better of her.

Speaking to the Exeter Express & Echo, Sandy Simpson originally went to her GP for a problem with her arm, which caused it to twitch - however, it led to the diagnosis of MND, which will affect her nerve cells to the point of wholesale debilitation.

Mrs Simpson told the paper of the day her and her husband found she had MND.

She said: "Vic and I came away from the diagnosis thinking that I might only have a few months. I'm pleased to say that that was 18 months ago.

"We knew we had to adjust mentally."

Mrs Simpson added that although it was a big thing to face as MND is terminal and incurable, the MND Association had been giving her a lot of sound advice and a carer who works in her home was giving her plenty of support.

Bupa states that around seven in every 100,000 people are struck by the disease, with men twice as likely to be diagnosed as women.

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