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Winter workers help to keep older adults healthy

Winter workers help to keep older adults healthy
28th December 2011

Although Christmas may have been and gone, the cold weather is only set to get worse.

During winter, older adults are the most vulnerable to the cold and often face fuel poverty.

To combat the problem, the government has announced that thousands of people across the UK will receive help following successful proposals from councils to benefit from a share of £20 million of funding.

It is hoped that the money will help to run schemes around the country, whereby winter workers will go into homes of older adults and offer aid to prevent people going to hospital with cold related illnesses.

The money will also be used to fund schemes to give emergency heating and insulation to properties facing fuel poverty.

Secretary of state for health Andrew Lansley commented: “Severe winter weather is a real threat to vulnerable people.

“People are more likely to suffer heart attacks and strokes, respiratory illnesses can get worse, and there is the risk of falls on slippery ground.”

Regular health care visits should also be encouraged throughout the year, as research has proven that they can reduce mortality rates among pensioners.

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