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Winter fuel payments 'could be made in summer'

Winter fuel payments 'could be made in summer'
28th February 2013

Older adults in rural areas could be given their winter fuel payments in the summer to allow them to take advantage of lower energy costs.

Energy minister Baroness Verma said she would consider the move, which could benefit more than one million pensioners who live in areas that are off-grid, the Daily Telegraph reports.

This means they often purchase their own gas or oil to fuel their homes and this is often cheaper when demand is lower during the summer months.

The suggestion comes after Centrica - which owns British Gas - announced increased profits yesterday (February 27th) despite raising prices for consumers as recently as November.

People over the age of 60 receive a £200 winter fuel payment, while those over 80 get £300. 95 per cent of the payments are made during November and December.

Lord Wigley suggested the switch to summer payment in the House of Lords this week and Baroness Verma today confirmed she will take it "back to the department".

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