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Will video games help you age better?

Will video games help you age better?
24th April 2012

Across the world children are consistently told by their parents they shouldn't spend too much time playing on video games.

However, the practice could be helping individuals improve their progression through the ageing process, by encouraging them to improve their lifestyle and health.

This is the finding of a study published in Games for Health Journal, which claims the technology can be used by people of all ages to manage diseases and enhance quality of life.

Research has shown that exercise games in particular have positive benefits for older adults by allowing people to be cognitively stimulated, while partaking in social interaction, exercise and fun.

Authors claim that this facilitates the development of a fuller and independent life.

Dr Bill Ferguson, editor-in-chief of the Games for Health Journal, commented: "The elderly often forsake their lifelong activities in exchange for the safety, security, and care of institutional living.

"This trade-off need not require the sacrifice of physical activity and fitness."

Videogames offer a form of escape for users and can help them get the exercise and stimulation they need.

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