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Will alcohol make you have a stroke sooner?

Will alcohol make you have a stroke sooner?
11th September 2012

Alcohol has long been linked to stroke risk, but a new study now claims that it can not only cause a stroke, but could make individuals have them earlier.

Researchers in France claim that those that drink three or more alcoholic drinks per day could be at a greater risk of experiencing a stroke nearly 15 years earlier than those that do not drink heavily.

The discovery was made when 540 individuals with an average age of 71 were interviewed about their drinking habits. Each participant had an intracerebral hemorrhage in the past.

It was observed that heavy drinkers experienced a stroke at an average age of 60, while those that did not drink did not have one until an average of 74 years.

Heavy drinkers were also revealed to be more likely to die within two years of the study follow-up than their counterparts.

Study author Dr Charlotte Cordonnier commented: "It's important to keep in mind that drinking large amounts of alcohol contributes to a more severe form of stroke at a younger age in people who had no significant past medical history."

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