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Wii love our new console, say care home residents

Wii love our new console, say care home residents
28th January 2009

A chain of care homes in the north-east has harnessed the power of Nintendo's modern console to keep its occupants fit and healthy while receiving respite care, it has been reported.

Residents of Helen McArdle Care, which operates care homes between Jarrow and Hartlepool, have been provided with the popular Wii video game system to play each other on a range of games including bowling, golf and tennis.

Jim Fisher of Sheraton Court in Hartlepool, a 74-year-old, registered his approval at the idea.

He stated: "It's the first time I've ever seen one of these things, let alone played one, but it is great fun.

"It's much better than television, it's more interesting and everybody gets involved."

The care home manager Carole Thomson backed Mr Fisher's comments, highlighting the love which the residents have for the Wii.

Nintendo first hit the market with the Nintendo Entertainment System - popularly known at the NES - in 1985, followed by the iconic Game Boy in 1989.

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