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Wider statin use urged for stroke patients

Wider statin use urged for stroke patients
28th September 2010

Wider statin use by care home residents with cardiovascular problems may help to curb heart attack and stroke risk.

This may be a more cost-effective way of reducing these two issues, according to researchers at Stanford University, who also support the wider use of a particular screening method.

Screening for high sensitivity c-reactive protein could help to identify which patients statin therapy would be useful for.

Commenting on the findings published in the online journal Circulation, professor health research and policy Mark Hlatky explained: "If statins are really as safe and effective as they appear to be, broadening the indications for statin therapy would be an effective and cost-effective strategy."

However, he noted: "Our model shows that we need better data to be confident about the best approach to drug treatment of lower-risk individuals."

Earlier this month, the British Heart Foundation urged the NHS to adopt longer term strategies to improve prevention, early diagnosis and intervention.

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