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Why are you indecisive?

Why are you indecisive?
19th April 2012

Many people would consider themselves to be indecisive but this may be more than just an annoying personality trait, according to one expert.

Beverley Stone, chartered business psychologist, explained that indecisiveness is stress related.

"If people are overworked and feel anxious and stressed, then their decision making becomes less acute," she said.

Older adults may believe that they are making the right choices in a speedy manner, but this is not always the case.

"Everyone around them knows that they are making pretty slow and bad decisions," Ms Stone explains.

People that are worried about their indecisiveness should consider their time management and what might be causing them to become stressed.

Often negative personality traits are symptomatic and won't get better until the root of the problem is solved.

Simply allowing time for relaxation can restore a person's natural balance or learning to be comfortable with delegation can prevent individuals from being bogged down by too many tasks and responsibilities.

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