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WHO: More must be done globally for older adults

WHO: More must be done globally for older adults
10th April 2012

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has called for more to be done to help the globe's older population.

Coinciding with World Health Day, which occurred on April 7th, WHO officials have warned that because of the ageing population, further steps need to be taken to ensure that people can enjoy their retirement free from debilitating diseases and poverty.

It is claimed that 80 per cent of older people globally will live in countries with low or middle incomes in four decades time, putting them at greater risk of mortality.

Studies have shown that those in poorer countries are more likely to develop life-threatening conditions than those inhabiting richer nations.

Professor James Goodwin, head of research at Age UK, commented: "[An ageing population] brings challenges for both individuals and governments, as chronic conditions like heart disease, stroke and cancer are much more prevalent in later life."

The WHO's assertions follow a pledge by the UK government to invest more money in dementia research and services.

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