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When are you satisfied?

When are you satisfied?
12th September 2012

A new study has found that individuals that exercise restraint when faced with unhealthy food are generally satisfied quicker than those that binge.

However, researchers at the University of Chicago claim that by paying attention to the quantities of unhealthy food eaten, those prone to excess eating can train themselves to become content much quicker.

Authors of the study Joseph P Redden and Kelly L Haws explained: "Although self-control is typically viewed as a battle between willpower and desire, consumers can’t rely entirely on willpower to control their eating.

"They also need to create situations that will make them lose interest in food. One way is to keep better track of the quantity of unhealthy foods they eat."

The discovery was made across a series of studies that asked consumers to eat either a healthy or an unhealthy snack, then count how many times they swallowed when eating. Those who counted the times they swallowed were satisfied more quickly.

Nevertheless, eating healthily still plays a pivotal role in preventing obesity.

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