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Welsh mental health services needs to fill gaps

11th October 2005

Mental health services in Wales are in danger of not meeting government standards and targets, according to the Auditor General for Wales.

Jeremy Colman's report, commissioned by the Welsh Assembly, highlighted the way services are currently planned, organised and monitored and found significant gaps in the way mental health practices are delivered.

Mr Colman said the agencies that are responsible for planning and delivering services needed to work together to develop a better range of services to meet the needs of users.

He added: "Services for adults with mental health needs have a long way to go. The Welsh Assembly government should use the findings of this report, and other external reviews, to develop a clearer approach for the future to make sure people with mental health problems in Wales receive the quality of care they deserve."

The report also focused on the gaps in community based services that are an alternative to hospital admission. It said patients should be given more of a say in their care and have greater access to advice and information.

It was also recommended that the Welsh Assembly should ensure that funding supported long-term service development.