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'Well-trained staff are important in deciding which care home to choose'

'Well-trained staff are important in deciding which care home to choose'
6th February 2008

The quality of trained nursing staff is a key factor in deciding which care home to opt for, it has emerged.

A poll conducted by the Alzheimer's Society revealed that 97 per cent of respondents agree that well-trained staff are pivotal in deciding what constitutes a good quality care home.

A further 94 per cent of those questioned stated that the range of activities and amount of outdoor access available would also influence their decision.

Four out of ten people admitted they would not know what to look for in a good care home.

In conjunction with the survey, the Alzheimer's Society has launched its new Putting Care Right guide, designed to help families choose the right type of care.

Speaking about the guide, Neil Hunt, the president of the society said: "One in three people over 65 will end their life with a form of dementia and many will spend their final years in a care home."

He added that the guide is about ensuring that dementia suffers have access to quality care.

Meanwhile, in other news from the Alzheimer's Society, the group has stated that the University of Chester's research into homocysteine levels suggest that a new vitamin complex may break down homocysteine levels quicker than folate.

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