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Weight loss surgery for Type 2 diabetes reassessed

Weight loss surgery for Type 2 diabetes reassessed
5th January 2012

Scientists are reassessing the benefits of weight loss surgery for Type 2 diabetes, following research indicating that it can improve blood sugar control.

While weight loss surgery is not a cure for diabetes, researchers at Imperial College London have found that the treatment has benefits for blood sugar.

The study looked at the effects of gastric bands on Type 2 diabetes with stringent criteria and found that only 41 per cent of patients achieve remission, but blood sugar levels can improve.

Dr Carel le Roux, leader of the study, commented: "Using the new criteria, we don't get such eye-catching figures as some that have been quoted in recent years but it's clear that weight loss surgery, particularly gastric bypass, has a significant beneficial effect on glucose control."

Waist circumference divided by body height is often used to determine which women are at risk of the condition.

Obesity is one of the primary risk factors for diabetes Type 2, particularly in middle-aged women with large abdominal fat cells.

Previous studies have reported that gastric bands can result in 80 per cent of patients going into remission.

While the study at Imperial College London is less optimistic, it does highlight the benefits of the surgery.

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