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Weather station gives UK storm alert

19th September 2006

The Met Office has warned that Britain could be facing extreme weather conditions over the coming days, as storms move in.

It is thought that we could feel the effects of Hurricane Gordon, which is currently in the mid-Atlantic and moving east towards the Azores.

By the time it finds its way over to the UK, Gordon is expected to be no longer a hurricane but nevertheless capable of creating some fairly extreme weather conditions.

Prolonged heavy rain, unseasonably high temperatures and strong winds are anticipated to be the result.

The rain and winds will particularly affect the north and west and the high temperatures are most likely to impact the south-east. South-west and west-facing beaches may also see large sea swells, said the Met in the warning.

No severe weather warning is yet in place, but forecasters are preparing for such a measure.

The country is still recovering from unusually hot, dry weather in July, when health risk warnings for the vulnerable were issued in an attempt to prevent illness from dehydration.