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Warm Front 'not fit for purpose'

Warm Front 'not fit for purpose'
4th February 2009

A flagship scheme operated by the government in order to improve the quality of home care has been branded "not fit for purpose" by two charities.

Warm Front, a system aimed at providing elderly people with grants to improve heating standards in personal housing, has been lambasted by Help the Aged and Age Concern which believe the scheme does not provide enough money for the costs incurred by new systems.

They highlighted the problem faced by many older people who have to pay top-up charges on top of the grant - which gives up to £2,700 - as it is not enough to cover replacement parts, labour and installation.

Mervyn Kohler, a special adviser for Help the Aged, concluded: "The charities are calling for the government to increase overall funding, increase the grant available and to target the scheme at the poorest and most energy-efficient households."

Help the Aged is funding several research projects into improving elderly care, including looking into conditions such as incontinence and dementia.

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