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Ward rounds 'vital part of dementia patient care'

Ward rounds 'vital part of dementia patient care'
8th October 2012

Ward rounds should be made a top priority in order to improve dementia patient care.

This is according to a joint report from the Royal College of Nursing and Royal College of Physicians, which found that rounds are often overlooked when it comes to planning inpatient care.

With dementia patients occupying one-quarter of hospital beds, the Alzheimer's Society wants to see action taken over the issue of variation in the delivery of ward rounds.

It is worried that people are "being let down by disjointed patient care" too often, while poor quality dementia care will typically cost a hospital £6 million per year.

"People are staying in hospital longer and their condition often deteriorates whilst they are there," the society said.

While the body observed that the wheel does not have to be reinvented as far as care is concerned, it does want to see clinicians remember that there is a person behind dementia.

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