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Volunteering 'can benefit Alzheimer's patients'

Volunteering 'can benefit Alzheimer's patients'
12th June 2008

Research conducted in the US has suggested that volunteer work can help elderly people keep their minds active.

Online news resource NPR reports that Dr Peter Whitehouse advises that older individuals, including those with Alzheimer's, could benefit from working with school children.

Dr Whitehouse has established a school in America where the children regularly work alongside elderly volunteers.

He told the news provider that he gets the youngsters to interview the volunteers about their lives, which helps keep their memories alive.

The researcher added that even if the volunteers not recall their time spent with the children, at least they are keeping socially active and have enjoyed a part of their day.

He is aiming to prove that such volunteering schemes not only improve people's state of mind but also have an effect of their cognitive abilities.

It was previously reported that socialising can reduce women's risk of developing dementia.

A team from the Southern California Permanente Medical Group asserts that people with a strong social network are less likely to develop the condition.

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