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Vitamin E has muscle benefits

Vitamin E has muscle benefits
21st December 2011

Vitamin E helps to repair tears in the plasma membranes that protect cells from outside forces and screen what enters and exits, according to a recent study.

While the antioxidant has long been known to reduce the signs of aging, the ability of vitamin E to repair plasma membranes has previously gone unrecognised.

The discovery could have dramatic consequences for treating muscle wasting and weakening diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

Researchers believe that vitamin E aids repair in several ways, including acting as an antioxidant to eliminate destructive byproducts.

Moreover, because it is a lipid-soluble, Vitamin E can insert itself into membranes to prevent free radicals from attacking. It can also keep phospholipids compliant to help healing processes.

However, more research is needed into vitamin E's ability to treat membrane failure in diabetes patients and researchers must be aware of the risks caused by the antioxidant, which has been thought to contribute to prostate cancer.

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