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Vitamin D deficiency linked to increased mortality

Vitamin D deficiency linked to increased mortality
2nd October 2012

Scientists have stressed the importance of a balanced diet, as new tests showed that low levels of vitamin D can be linked to increased mortality.

A study led by Stephen Kritchevsky of the Wake Forest School of Medicine found that older people who fail to consume their daily quota of the mineral are doing themselves no favours.

The researchers performed tests on 2,638 Caucasians and African-Americans aged between 70 and 79 and discovered that levels of vitamin D less than 30 ng/ml were linked to "significantly increased all-cause mortality".

It is vitally important that home care patients eat plenty of oily fish, eggs and certain breakfast cereals to ensure their body is getting enough vitamin D.

The study also found that deficiency in the mineral is a bigger problem among people of African-American descent.

"We all know that good nutrition is important to overall health and our study adds to a growing body of literature that underscores the importance of vitamin D," Mr Kritchevsky

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