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Virtual reality machine 'aids stroke patients' recovery'

Virtual reality machine 'aids stroke patients' recovery'
26th August 2008

A new virtual reality machine is being developed to aid stroke patients in their recovery.

The technology comprises a special treadmill and screens showing moving images, which trick the user's brain into thinking that they are walking more slowly than they actually are, making them walk faster and for longer, according to the Daily Mail.

Wendy Powell, the University of Plymouth PhD student behind the project, has suggested that a rehabilitation programme which uses the technology may be more effective than physiotherapy alone.

According to the news provider, Ms Powell said: "The environment is stimulating and entertaining and there's less fear of falling over."

She continued: "Our test subjects are usually surprised when I tell them they've improved by up to 20 per cent."

Meanwhile, US scientists say they have discovered a new technique which could potentially restore damaged functions several weeks or even months after patients have had a stroke.

According to an article published in the Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation journal, the Anti-nogo-A immunotherapy approach involves jump-starting the growth of nerve fibres to compensate for brain cells which have been destroyed by the stroke.

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