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Veterans 'at higher risk of alcohol abuse'

Veterans 'at higher risk of alcohol abuse'
15th October 2012

A new piece of research published in the US has shown that veterans are at a higher risk of alcohol abuse, with smoking one of the reasons given for this.

Dr Timothy Durazzo and colleagues from the San Francisco VA Medical Center and University of California, San Francisco, found active duty US soldiers smoke at around a ten per cent higher rate than the civilian population, while they also statistically run higher risks of alcohol and substance abuse.

"Given our strong and consistent research findings in both veterans and civilians on the ill-effects of chronic smoking, we truly hope to see smoking cessation programs become increasingly available for our current active-duty war fighters," said Dr Durazzo.

He explained the findings of the report mean that it should be a high priority to offer comprehensive smoking cessation treatment for all patients.

Researchers in France recently claimed that drinking alcohol can increase a person's chances of being affected by a stroke.

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