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Veteran Welsh MP leads review into NHS complaints

Veteran Welsh MP leads review into NHS complaints
15th March 2013

Ann Clwyd, MP for the Cynon Valley in South Wales, has been given the task of launching a review into the NHS complaints system.

The 75-year-old, who once said her husband Owen died like a "battery hen" while in hospital, will look into how the concerns of patients and their families are listened to.

Speaking in Westminster yesterday (March 14th), she told MPs that she has received numerous examples of poor standards of care in NHS trusts that must be addressed.

Ms Clwyd said everyone goes into hospital hoping the care is the best available and that there will be no need to complain, but when something does go wrong "it must be easy for patients and their carers to speak up, without fear".

She added that she is determined to ensure the review creates a system which makes listening to and acting up on complaints the norm.

She also reassured potential whistleblowers that they have nothing to lose by speaking up if they harbour concerns over the quality of care.