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US university conducts 'state of the art' brain research

US university conducts 'state of the art' brain research
20th October 2008

A university in the US has said it has opened a state of the art brain research facility.

The University of Missouri's department of psychological sciences stated that it will be able to conduct research into Parkinson's disease, autism and other neurodegenerative conditions its new Brain Imaging Centre (BIC).

It will make use of magnetic resonance imaging technology to give scientists insights into the workings of the brain.

BIC director Nelson Cowan, who is conducting research into how memories are integrated in the brain, commented: "Research of this kind is a type of philosophy.

"You're learning about human consciousness, and the more people understand about the human mind, the better they understand each other."

Meanwhile a separate study published in the Nature Neuroscience journal has linked a fatty acid to the development of Alzheimer's disease.

High levels of arachidonic acid - an omega-6 fatty acid - were identified in the brains of mice with Alzheimer's, researchers said.

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