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US health insurance provider pays out for autism

US health insurance provider pays out for autism
14th July 2011

A provider of health insurance in the US has been told to cease denying coverage for children with autism, following an order issued by the California Department of Insurance.

Blue Shield was referred to the California Mental Health Parity Act of 1999, which obliges private insurance plans to provide coverage for certain mental health and physical conditions.

"Our purpose and goal is to ensure that insurance companies are in full compliance with California's mental health parity law," said Adam Cole, general counsel at the CDI.

Parents will now be able to receive funding for applied behaviour analysis or behavioural intervention therapies, which were described by autism expert Dr Joshua Feder as "the best treatments we have for autism right now".

Recently, scientists at the University of Cambridge Autism Research Centre found a unique biomarker for genetic predisposition to autism, which could be used to determine the causes behind the disorder.

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