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US Alzheimer's patients try video games and yoga therapy

US Alzheimer's patients try video games and yoga therapy
18th November 2008

People living with Alzheimer's in the US are taking part in yoga classes and playing video games as part of their therapy.

The unconventional methods, which have been used together with more traditional approaches such as one-to-one therapy sessions, are being given by students from the University of Central Florida who are training to be therapists.

A non-profit organisation known as Brain Fitness is running the programme which charges the attendees a nominal fee each week.

Meanwhile, a leading UK charity has warned that dementia represents the greatest health and social care challenge of the century.

Dr Susanne Sorensen, head of research at the Alzheimer's Society, said more investment in research is needed to help identify those who are most at risk of developing the condition as well as to develop early interventions.

The research should "go hand-in-hand with awareness campaigns", the expert argued, so that people are encouraged to make dietary and lifestyle changes in order to minimise the risk of developing dementia.

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