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Unpaid carers 'as important as emergency services'

Unpaid carers 'as important as emergency services'
12th June 2009

In terms of their contribution to society, a new survey has ranked unpaid carers as highly as emergency services.

Commissioned as part of Carers Week, YouGov research found that six out of seven respondents believe such people play a role in society second only to nurses and fire fighters, the Parkinson's Disease Society revealed.

Broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby, who acted as an unpaid carer for a period of time, explained that there would be chaos and panic if all carers suddenly stopped caring and gave up, leaving their important roles behind.

However, they would never do that, he added, with the celebrity backer continuing: "They are motivated by love, duty and compassion. But those of us who have been in that role, even for a short time, know how testing and draining it can be.

"That is why Britain's 'secret service' must not be forgotten, ignored or exploited."

The weekly payment of Carer's Allowance currently stands at £53.10.

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