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Unemployment 'can trigger depression'

Unemployment 'can trigger depression'
22nd March 2011

Unemployment can have a serious effect on people's mental health, according to one charity, which said low self-esteem and financial hardship can make people prone to depression and other disorders.

Emma Mamo, policy and campaigns manager at Mind, said the loss of a job can also prompt feelings of a loss of identity that comes with a sudden change in daily routines.

Men are particularly vulnerable to this in the current climate, she added, with one in seven believed to develop depression within six months of becoming unemployed.

"Sadly many employers still hold the view that taking on someone who has had a mental health problem is some kind of 'risk'," Ms Mamo went on to say.

"People who have worked hard to recover to a point at which they're ready to return to work can then find themselves being discriminated against."

This week, Time to Change announced a nationwide campaign designed to get people talking about mental illness.

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